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Courtyard of CK Zamek in Poznań


Competition project for a concept of the courtyard in front of the CK Zamek in Poznan - an honorary mention.

Project team: Julita Kucharska-Dziuba, Karol Dziuba, Paulina Włodarczyk, Dagmara Żurek (DA Dziuba Architekci)
Visuals: Krzysztof Kowalik

Lokalizacja: CK Zamek, Poznań

The square in front of „Zamek" Cultural Center is an important element of the urban axis of St Marcin Street. This representative place has a great but unused potential, currently most of the area is occupied by the parking lots and the lack of greenery and shade does not encourage spending time in the surroundings.

Our main goal was to activate the place by transforming it into a pocket park of the city center with its unique microclimate.
The main element of the project is the moat that connects all other elements of the square. It has a recreational function. Wooden decks and sun loungers around it provide a pleasant place to sit and hang out. Moreover, the water is to become a mirror that reflects the historical silhouette of the Castle, further emphasizing its importance in space.
The vast amount of greenery was introduced as well as a year-round pavilion with a wide roofing. It shades most of the courtyard and protects it from a busy street. The roofing respects all the elements of the existing surroundings, including the lanterns from the 1940s, the Enigma monument and all trees. The roof, which states for the fifth elevation visible from the upper floors of the castle, is planted with extensive greenery.