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Architectural concept for the Environmental Help Center with the Daily Support Center for children with disabilities in Żoliborz, Warsaw.


First price in the competition

-Daily Support Center for children with disabilities
-Environmental Help Center with departments A and B (for mentally disabled patients and those suffering from mental illnesses)
-Sheltered housing for patients enabling them to regain independence

Location: Żoliborz, Warsaw

EMA Studio
Project team: Mateusz Gierszon, Ewelina Siestrzewitowska, Marta Erbel, Edyta Wojciechowska-Urbanek, Dagmara Żurek
Visuals: Antoni Surowiak, Izabela Samborska, Dagmara Żurek

The intention of the project was to create contemporary architecture that highlights the existing character of the Żoliborz district, characterized by buildings of post-war Warsaw modernism. The project results in the building being divided into four distinct volumes, so that their scale refers more to the neighborhood. Each block is dedicated to a different part of the functional program.
The blocks have been deployed in order to preserve the most beautiful green spaces and as many precious trees on the site as possible.

In principle, the Environmental Help and Support Center is a place open to all - bringing together patients and residents of the neighborhood. The project offers semi-private spaces with vegetable gardens and rehabilitation zones, as well as a green patio that allows to integrate the community and organize barbecue events.

The emphasis on the calm and green character of the place is supported by ecological and social responses.