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Poetic seclusion. The Poet's Retreat in Latvia.


Warsaw University of Technology

Master degree diploma project, equally Pavilosta Poet Huts Architecture Competition project organised by Bee Breeders

Location: Pavilosta, Latvia

The Poetic Seclusion states for a place strongly inspired by literature. It is an enclave hidden in natural surroundings, it provides a complete isolation to a poet and stimulates his creativity. It is an inspiring place
that enhances the imagination and increases the efficiency of an artistic work. It enables to achieve a sheer silence and peace, which are important for both concentration and leisure. The place is open to everyone as it works on a non-profit basis.

The architectural project represents a model of a space dedicated to writers. The building itself finally took form of five independent shelters arranged freely around a common integrative space.
The main idea was based on strengthening the biodiversity of the existing rural landscape. It intends to maintain the nature of an existing outspread grassland with little interference. The designed meadow creates an idyllic inspiring surroundings, constantly changing over time. It’s unique character determined the architecture of individual Poets’ huts. Together the complex provides a secluded working and living space as well as it prompts the cultural events related to literature.
All architectural solutions were designed with reference to the traditional Latvian farmstead. The idea, however, was to find a contemporary interpretation of a typical model.